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Johannus Classic



Johannus Classic Serie

Det nye Johannus Classic er virkelig en sammensmeltning av klassisk eleganse og moderne skjønnhet! Denne modellen overgår det meste av hjemmeorgler hørt i orgelverden. Tradisjon og innovasjon er materialisert gjennom Johannus Classic enten i modell 250 , to manualer eller modell 350 som er et tremanuals orgel.


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Authentically Classic is Always Modern

The Johannus Classic is a superb instrument in every respect. The chic console looks solid yet sleek. Its clean design makes a modern, compact impression while at the same time evoking elements of classical craftsmanship. As a result, the Johannus Classic not only fits with any interior, but it also projects a subtly exciting visual tension.

The sophisticated profile of its side panels is just one such playful note, where modern and classic interact in an almost musical way.

Historical Feel

One example of the exceptional design of the Johannus Classic is the keyboard that extends slightly beyond the console. This may initially seem like a minor detail, but the impact of this deliberate positioning becomes apparent when you sit down to play the organ. Visually you already sense the organ’s kinship with historic pipe organs. But as you begin to play, you can feel that kinship as well.

Suddenly, the Johannus Classic brings the experience of sitting at a fine historic console right into your own living room. We can be justifiably proud of this innovation.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Speaking of innovation… The Johannus Classic may unite the best of both worlds, but there is one area in which it absolutely stands alone: its phenomenal sound quality. Unique in the organ world, this self-contained audio system was conceived, designed and refined in that exclusive Johannus way.

This is what creates such an unforgettably realistic pipe organ experience when you are seated in front of the Johannus Classic. The experience that every organist secretly dreams of when he plays. Historic organ sounds, with every note drenched in rich European musical tradition.

A Cathedral in Your Own Home

The Johannus Classic owes its unequaled sound quality to the constant improvement and refinement of its technology. Constant innovation is exhibited in other areas as well.

The standard ASR-12™ reverb system, for instance, which offers instant access to twelve unique digitally synthesized acoustic environments. The cathedral in your living room is now complete.

True-To-Life Acoustics

Well, almost complete… We’d like to suggest one additional improvement. With the valgfri LIVEreverb™, you can choose from an array of true-to-life acoustic environments from twelve actual churches and cathedrals. These authentic acoustics, physically captured on location, add a priceless extra dimension to the experience. You will be so swept away by the sound of the Johannus Classic that you’ll forget you are actually seated in your own living room.

Start with a chorale on powerful Cornet IV and Tremulant resounding through Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk, followed by the tones of two 16’ Pedal stops echoing from the walls of the Frogner Kirke in Oslo, and move on casually to the Toccata from Widor’s Symphony no. 5 played within the hall of Notre-Dame de la Grand-Combe, all without leaving your bench.

Moving Without Moving

Would you like to hear what your playing sounds like from elsewhere in the room? The Johannus Classic allows you to choose your own listening location within the church. Would you like to hear the sounds in intimate detail, as you would experience from the organ bench? Or would you prefer to sit in the back pew, where the sound is blended to perfection?

You decide. As you play, you can move throughout the space with the wave of a hand. The very best of the cathedral and your own living room converge in this organ.